About Me

I’m Nimrod “Guti” Gutman, welcome to my blog. I’ve been a technology enthusiastic since I remember myself. I first touched a computer in the early 90s (I was around three or four years old if I recall), a cranky old i386 running DOS, and I immediately fell in-love. From there I just fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, taking apart almost every electrical equipment I got, trying to understand how computers worked from the inside-out.

My love for technology grew over the years and I “graduated” from sporadic hacking sessions into the professional coding world when I was eighteen. I continue to cultivate my passion by trying to learn new things on a daily basis, working on fun projects that combine coding and hardware (usually with LEDs 💡).

Apart from technology I have a deep passion for yoga and meditation, reading, listening to music, having fun and exploring the futile condition we all call “life” ;)

I hope you find this useful or at least mildly-interesting!